Renrendai Office

  • Location

    Tsinghua Science Park,Beijing

  • Project Area


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  • Service

    Interior EPC

Project Facts

This project interprets the integrity, transparency, fairness, efficiency, innovation and brand image of Internet finance through a new perspective. The wooden folding plate connects the meeting, tea and exhibition areas in the front hall area, and the glass partition wall is interspersed in the middle, so that the meeting and tea break space can penetrate into the front hall, increasing the space level of the front hall.

The interweaving combination relationship between various shapes was studied in the design. From the hanging space of the logo wall, you can see the bamboo forest behind. The end of the bamboo forest is a sculpture booth, and the front end of the front desk turns into a seat. Minimize the types of materials in the selection of materials, pay attention to the combination of the same materials, such as carpet color matching in the open office area, the overall unity and subtle changes.

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