Bilibili Office(Beijing)

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    Chaoyang Park South Road,Chaoyang,Beijing

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  • Service

    Interior EPC

Project Facts

Bilbili's users are younger generations. This group has a high degree of curiosity and acceptance for new things and popular culture. It is also a core group in the cultural circle represented by animation and games in China. Bilbili's own image is clear enough, in addition to the unique corporate image and logo color, there are more cute mascots. Therefore, we focus on extracting the elements of the interior design requirements from the enterprise VI, and combining the design methods to create a suitable stylized space, so that young users have a full sense of place.

After refining the spirit and style of the company, the next step is to comb the function streamline and transform the specific space. Due to the limitations of the project site, we determined the ideas in the early days, focusing on the shaping of the overall space atmosphere, and extending the two-dimensional expansion into the three-dimensional reality space.

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