Beisen Second Headquarters(ChengDu)

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    40th Floor,International Science and Technology Energy Conservation Building,WuHou District,ChengDu

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    Interior EPC

Project Facts

Beisen Second Headquarters is located in Gaoxin district of Chengdu .Chengdu is a magical, fashionable, and comprehensive city with a long history and rapidly developing and emerging industries. Its development not only depends on struggle and growth, but also on the constant influx of innovation. Based on the Chengdu city profile The Beisen Second Headquarters has also gathered the power of youth and innovation, that’s why the project took the concept of freely, future Tech, and dirigible linkage, instead of traditional Office Space Design. This project is the interior EPC case, so it improves the controllability of designer and degree of construction time frame, while increase the economic efficiency and shorten the time limit.

The elevator as the transportation’s hub of the company is the Beisen's first visual impression area. The designer boldly choose the high saturation pure white to create space with article and innovative technology concept in order to show the unique characteristics of  Beisen.    

The reception hall of the company is the first expression of the interior design, where it reflects the cultural excellence of the company. IDEAL designers laid the reception right behind the elevator hall and keep enough space to transmit sunlight, while increase the permeability. In terms of materials, the designer shape the front desk with pure white perforated aluminum plate and set up green planting wall and cultural exhibition area opposite to show the company cultural and humanistic care. In the waiting area for visitors,there are lots of LOGO-color furniture arrangement which express an open, concise and inclusive approach.  

As the main space of inspiration, the conference room is one of the most important design area. The steps are broken line shape, the circular headlamp belt and the square intersect of small lamp belt with artistic form are used in indoor lighting, which make all of this a dynamic space and form an interesting combination with the office area on the other side. Office area is simple and elegant with largely usage of black, white, grey and pure color, while exaggerating LOGO-color. It is a large open area and office table is separated by low partitions, and the transverse lamp belt is set in ceiling in a way in order to effectively alleviate staff fatigue, which highlight the modern sense and humanistic care of Beisen.

The multi-functional hall is composed of stepped blocks and flexible seats, so that this space can combine into different spatial types according to various needs, and prolong its vitality. The water bar leisure area is an important frequent exchange area in the dynamic office. The IDEAL designers pick up the cloud computer technology elements to create wooden branch art installation, making mild and modest atmosphere, which improve the free communication environment. Spatial art should not be an inaccessible luxury stuff, but rather it should be integrated into daily life in more easy ways.

There are discussion and negotiation units, some are open and transparent in groups of three or five, some are created independent with coexistence of light and dense to fulfill multi-function demands and make an interesting space. IDEAL designers has created the artistic, technological and unique office space, with establishing modern humanistic elements. While in addition, there are many areas with green plantation that has been set up to relax and refresh. The ground glass curtain wall linking the outdoor scenery into the interior space, and the overview of the whole city, the day and night view is there with you.