SHARE TELEVISION MEDIA Office Building in Digital Manor C,BeiJing

  • Location

    Digital Manor C ,DiSheng West Road No.1, Yizhuang,Beijing

  • Project Area


  • Completion Date

    2017, April

  • Service

    Interior EPC

Project Facts

The project is located in Block C, Digital Manor, No. 1 Disheng West Road, Beijing, the core area of the development zone, where the transportation is convenient and service facilities is complete. The building was designed by the famous architect Zhu Pei, and the exterior is designed with straight lines.

According to the needs of SHARE TELEVISION MEDIA and on-site investigation and analysis, IDEAL adhere to the principle of open, diverse, flexible and concise to design, they extend the original architectural language and spatial texture, extend the outdoor landscape into indoors so that form a conversation between inside and outside; they also create a multi-form cultural atmosphere response to the production links and characteristics of video programs, set up a variety of office furniture to stimulate more creative inspiration.

Extend of the original architectural language

The architectural appearance of the building used modern design elements such as fair-faced concrete and inclined roof.The space uses a variety of expressions such as launchers, staggered layers, open stairs, sunken space and other forms of expressions to reflect a simple and post-modern style. The whole building is totally 5 floors. Through the analysis of the original building space, IDEAL designers insists on openness and restraint.. The original structure of the building is maintained including load-bearing columns, single-slope roofs and indoor open steps. The other layers are set according to different functional departments with the management culture of SHARE TELEVISION MEDIA.

Function partition matching the industry characters

 IDEAL designers divide the function space according to the nature of the industry.The B1F is office for editing team, allocate different editing rooms, tuning studios,audition rooms, meeting rooms, showers, coffee breaks and communication area, etc.The 1F is office for superficial management team including administration, market,etc. The 2&3F is production center, with movable modular bookshelves, green plantsand other interesting elements are used to synthesize different semi-private space,making an immersive office space fulfilling cultural and creative atmosphere. The 4Fis the attic mezzanine, the designers set up a small-scale discussion room and leadership office.

Connecting the indoor and outdoor landscape

The designers widely used the large-scale glass curtain wall on both sides of the building which is allowing the outdoor landscape to be seen in the interior side, and the natural lighting is maximized. At the same time, a large number of green plants are arranged indoors to complement the outdoor environment to create a more pleasant ecological office space.

Multi-cultural office atmosphere

SHARE TELEVISION MEDIA is a typical knowledge production enterprise, the office space is not only the place where knowledge production programs occur but also the carrier establishes the corporate image and displays the humanistic care. At the same time, the work content is diversified and flexible. Therefore, we have set up a variety of activities and communication space such as reading room, art exhibition multimedia conference room to stimulate the creativity of employees.

Comfortable office and High-Quality life show the characteristics of SHARE TELEVISION MEDIA

In this case, the designer extracted a large number of cultural elements to express the characteristics of the company. The concrete load-bearing column in the space serves as an important visual communication carrier, indicating the guiding of each floor and functional division named after the ancient celebrities. The reception area on the first floor is the connection point for the entrance and exit. The designer uses the simple folding line of wood-colored front desk to convey the cultural heritage, affinity and inclusiveness of the company.