Initiating Zone of COFCO Nutrition and Health Science Park

  • Location

    COFCO Nutrition and Health Institute, Future City of Science , Beiqijia Town, ChangPing District, Beijing

  • Project Area

    4184 ㎡

  • Completion Date

    January, 2019

  • Service

    Interior Design

Project Facts

The first phase of the Nutrition Health Science Park built by COFCO in the core area of Future Science City, Beiqijia Town, Changping District Beijing, has been completed and put into use. IDEAL provides interior design service for the lobby, exhibition hall and public office space. 

The first floor lobby is irregular and narrow space according to the building structure. IDEAL re-divides and utilizes the space on the basis of retaining the original structure and integrates multiple functions organically.

IDEAL designers set up a super front desk in the lobby center to provide operation and consultation services for the whole science park, meanwhile, with the overall design of stairs and recreational space, making the front desk area the most prominent area, which highlight its guiding role. The lobby that is opposite to the front desk demonstrate the COFCO spirit which is responding to the national innovation-driven strategy and the healthy China strategy, while fulfilling the responsibility of the future science city and relying on the scientific research of the Institute of COFCO Nutrition and Health, building the Nutrition and Health Science Center of China which gathers innovative resources. This area is presented through sand table, immersion BOX cinema, technology water curtain, etc. On the east side of the front desk is a large-scale leisure exchange area. Using a sustainable ecological design concept, IDEAL creates a flexible and micro-environment space through green plants and landscape pieces, while meeting the needs of free negotiation and mobile office. This area blends the water into the platform by raising the ground, allowing the landscape pieces to be seamlessly integrated with the functional furniture.

The COFCO LIFE in the island-style negotiation area is the power gathering place of the project. In the future, the membership system will be used to gather talented people and organize brainstorming activities along with small salons and community gathering. Therefore the IDEAL designer has controlled the degree of openness and integration, create a continuous and semi-enclosed environment of private conversation by using a polygonal shape. All of this makes the park more dynamic, the building more attractive and the space more viscous.

A series of small-scale continuous negotiation area are designed along the curved glass curtain wall on the south side of the building. The wooden color line shape is combined with the glass curtain wall and pillars to create another interesting space experience while making full use of the site.

The independent strip space defined by the north of the lobby, as the exhibition hall of the “High-Tech Creative + Innovative & Entrepreneurial Talent.”, needs to show the innovation advantages, science and technology model and achievements of COFCO's whole industry chain, and reflect the scenes of High-Tech Creative 's influence on future lifestyle.Therefore, in terms of space design, IDEAL fully considers the functional requirements of combining technology equipment, display effect and space. In the early stage, it perfectly connects with the exhibition company, understands the corresponding technical means and the space requirements of the equipment, and maximizes on this basis. Give full advantage to the designer's subjective initiative, with the sense of technology, fashion, simplicity and futuristic to create a high-level exhibition demonstration zone.

The fourth floor is also the focus of this renovation design. COFCO has created a space in response to the transformation concept of “High-Tech Creative + Innovative & Entrepreneurial Talent.”. Therefore, according to the characteristics and functional requirements of the space, the IDEAL designers strives to embed with flexible design. The design concept of efficient office creates a special incubator for the nutrition and health sciences.