MABU Township Health Clinic

  • Location

    Qishan Village,Mabu Town,JinZhai Country,LU’AN City,An’Hui Province

  • Project Area

    Building144㎡,Terrace 53㎡

  • Completion Date


  • Service

    Architectural & Interior & Landscape

Project Facts

In the fourth episode of the No.3 season of CCTV-2’s Secret Homage to Hero, Luo Jin from IDEAL built a love fortress for Yu Jiajun, a guardian doctor of an island, which was widely concerned.

The original Mabu Township Health Clinic is located in the center of an island village in Mabu Town, Jinzhai County, Anhui Province. It’s a simple house made of movable boards fixed by two boats playing the functions of both residence and medical station. The boathouse is small in size and cramped everywhere, full of daily necessities mixed with medical care facilities. In this episode of Secret Homage to Hero, Luo Jin and his team will complete the design and construction of a new house with the functions of both health station and residence in a new site within 30 days.

The designer surveyed and measured the site,then deduced the functional requirements of the new house: divide living and medical areas; a separate archive room; additional separate bedrooms for the daughter and son; much additional storage space; and a kitchen with well-organized layout. It needs at least 100 ㎡ of building area , but the new site is a triangular slope land covering an area of less than 50㎡, with the lakeside part blocked by bamboo forest.

In order to expand the construction area, the designer built a hanging platform on the original triangular land to expand the total foundation to 150㎡; built a convenient path on the slope to connect the new pier; built a house covering an area of 100㎡ on the platform, and the remaining area of 50 ㎡ was used for mountain path, the patient lounge area and outdoor recreational area.

Luo Jin said that building is not separated, but combined with the existing cultural environment and natural features. The new health station will be truly vital in harmony with nature. The island health station is a design integrating landscape, architecture and indoor decoration. Red sculptural streamers are set on the outdoor slope as guide signs. The living area and medical area in the building are completely separated, ensuring the complete medical functions of the clinic and comfortable life of Yu Jiajun’s family at the same time. The second floor is in loft mezzanine design to increase the use area and create an overlapped sense of multi-level space.

The designer designed twenty steps from the pier to the health station according to the landform, symbolizing the guardian of Yu Jiajun's for twenty years. The red ribbon on the steel frame structure at the entrance ladder supports the roof of the front platform. It’s a totem, implying the spirit of perseverance, also as the sign of the entire guide line.

The outdoor terrace has a wide field of vision and excellent sightseeing effects. It is a recreational functional area of the project. It’s a waiting area for medical treatment, and also for dinner, chatting or other daily activities.

In the outpatient area at the entrance on the first floor, you can see the blue sky and white clouds in the distance through the skylight overhead, which expresses the inner dialogue between the building and nature, and releases the pressure for waiting patients. The waiting area is the biggest atrium space in the entire building. It is the main work area of Dr. Yu, equipped with a treatment room, an observation room, an archive room, and a dispensary. The medicine exit is blocked by a glass, directly opposite the entrance, making the entire building bright and transparent, with greatly improved medical care environment for the villagers.

The living area is completely separated from the treatment area. The main bedroom and the kitchen are located on the first floor, and the children's bedrooms and the public recreational area are on the second floor. The designer ingeniously drew a sketch of pier platform on the wall of the main bedroom. The distant mountains, pier, and boats witnessed countless romantic stories of Yu Jiajun and his wife in the past 20 years.On the second floor, the designer created an open paradise for children by building a mezzanine space, and drew an ecological sketch.

In his daughter's bedroom, a skylight is opened above for collecting sunshine to store heat in the winter and pulling out hot air from below to promote air circulation in the summer. It can also be for watching stars and moon to feel the natural elements.Little Shuisheng’s room is on the side near the mountain, with a wide horizontal window, which increases indoor lighting and shows the mountain ridges outside to strengthen the connection with nature.

We hope this health station will be a fixed and a relatively comfortable and warm home guarding the villagers here. The humble boathouse was the past and replaced by the new island health station integrating both medical care and living functions.