Headquarter of Sunac China Group

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    8# Dongzhimen North Street, DongCheng District, Beijing

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    Interior Design

Project Facts

The new headquarter of Sunac China Group is located at No. 8 Dongzhimen North Street, Beijing. In addition to the simple and modern appearance and practical functional partitions of the new office, it’s more environment-friendly, more intelligent, humanistic and purified, and shows warmth in all details.

Lobby - natural and translucent garden-type space
The lobby is an open, translucent and natural garden-type space. The reception island is in sight at the entrance of the lobby. It’s square and transparent on all sides, in a rigorous and flexible design, creating an eco-friendly, all-season pleasing green office atmosphere with the flowing water landscape and potted landscape. The entrance and exit of the elevator hall are on both sides of the reception island for rapid distribution and avoid congestion in peak hours. The glass windows of the coffee lounge form a framed landscape, incorporating the changing sights of four seasons and natural elements in the outdoor garden into the indoor environment integrating all the scenes in harmony.

The designer created a quiet, pragmatic and rational space atmosphere in the lobby by space layout and material selection. The coffee, water sound, potted landscape, the garden outside the window, and the employees, customers and passengers gave the soul and spirit to this place, with any potential possibilities in the lobby.

In terms of space planning and functional layout, open office areas were designed on both sides with plenty of light; storage areas, telephone rooms, chatting spaces, and meeting rooms were set in the core cylindrical area to meet various demands for conferences and meetings; open sharing and display spaces such as stair atrium waiting areas, tea rooms and landscape sketches were set at the elevator distribution area; glass boxes serving as meeting rooms were inserted in the central areas with inadequate light. The whole plan layout integrates the demands of Sunac based on the original building conditions, with progressive levels connecting with each other.

More flexible office; creating a landscape office atmosphere

Some floors were broken up and connected by additional stairs at 4th-11th floors to increase the atrium space. It cleverly gets through the spaces at upper and lower floors, speeds up air circulation, makes the space more flexible and breathable, reduces the use of air conditioning, and also facilitates the connection and more efficient communication between the departments.

The stairs are in minimalist turning shape and glass material. The stair area on each floor combined with landscape design connects the elevator entrance, tea room, landscape sketches, reading space, chatting seats and waiting area, etc., forming the sharing communication area and creative living area of the office space. It creates a vibrant and exhibitive recreational area for the employees.

More eco-friendly office; guiding healthy office behavior style
The project follows the "people-oriented" design rule. In accordance with Sunac's industry attributes and office habits, employees' walking radius was repeatedly deduced to conclude the workplace team size, aisle size, location of negotiation area and telephone booth, etc. to achieve efficient and clean quality capable of handy storage but without mutual interference, and advocate healthy and good office behavior habits. The specific details include:

1. Standing office and negotiation areas were set in the open office area, arranged with landscape plants;

2. Comfortable tables and chairs in different sizes were selected from the perspective of ergonomics;

3. The air quality in office space is under real-time monitoring. The combination of the vertical additional stairs and the fresh air system enables good internal air circulation, reduces the use of air conditioning, and makes employees closer to nature and healthier.

4. It advocates healthy lifestyle and encourages healthy sports of employees. The stairs on each floor and the fitness center on the 12th floor are sports places for employees in spare time.

Conference system wholly in intelligent management 
The designer integrated Sunac’s use requirements for different conferences and the original building structure. In the term of space layout, the core cylindrical mixed conference area was built, and conference spaces in various sizes and forms were nested in different positions of the open office area on each floor to meet diversified conference demands; booth seats, open negotiation area, recreational negotiation area meet the demands of interactive communication and brainstorm meetings. Multi-level and multi-functional conferences are efficiently managed by intelligent systems, reflecting the open and inclusive corporate culture of Sunac.

The designer arranged various conference areas including big training rooms,  conference rooms, and business school free areas on the 13th floor as the comprehensive training and conference area of the group headquarters, to meet diversified demands of the corporate for conference, events and shared spaces.

Hanging garden office area
In the south of the original building on the 8th floor is an earth garden platform, and in the south outside the elevator hall is a simple and spacious reception hall. The two opposite sides of the hanging garden are respectively arranged with two offices. The designer changed the curtain wall of the building facing the garden into a big sliding glass gate, to get a wider visual field including the sightseeing of the garden which is also easily accessible at any time, to enjoy a closer connection with nature.