Shenzhen UBOX Office

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    TianJian Chuangzhi Center, Auxiliary Road of Beihuan Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

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    Interior Design & Construction

Project Facts

The new office of Shenzhen Ubox Technology is located at 4F, 5F, 15F and 16F of TianJian Chuangzhi Center, Auxiliary Road of Beihuan Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, and wherein, from 4F upward to 7F, and from 15F downward to 12F, the double-height vaulted space on the 4F is shared. The four floors are divided into the upper and lower sections, and the sense of continuity between the floors needs to be strengthened through uniform design language and space style. Under the basic requirement of raising the utilization ratio of the space, the design integrates the thematic element of navigation of Ubox Sailing Boat, create an office space that integrating office, conference, leisure, and product display, and to convey the work spirits of enterprising, freedom and adventure.

The 4F, the bottom floor of the vaulted space, is the key floor for Ubox’s external reception and product exhibition. We’ve planned a complete sequence space which starts from the main front hall, passes through the continuous exhibition hall, and finally arrives at the product exhibition hall, and this design and planning breaks the inherent space form of the conventional office building. The vaulted front hall space on the 4F is a shared public space belonging to the whole office building, and any reconstruction of the existing ground, wall and design is not allowed. Under the restriction condition, we’ve raised partial ground, added a group of moveable front desk, and lifted three well-arranged “sail” sculptures in the space. The lifted “sail” sculptures dominate the entire vaulted space, and the uniform visual elements and thematic concept make this public space subordinate to Ubox. Backward from the front hall, there are the exhibition cabinet and exhibition wall connecting with the front hall and product exhibition hall. The Ubox boat model, commemorative T-shirt and Ubox development road, etc. are presented in turn.

Various kinds of vending machines and singing machines researched and developed by Ubox are in different sizes and specifications, and the products used for exhibition are replaced irregularly. We adopt semi-transparent and slidable organic art boards to form two flexible product exhibition walls. The equipment and products of different thickness are placed in good order on one side, and the problem of different width may be adjusted one by one through the movement of organic boards, and meanwhile, it could satisfy the requirement of equipment replacement. Leisure bar counter is set along window in the exhibition hall, and when experiencing products, you may sit here and have a talk with others for a while. The hollowly-carved text-bearing metal plate could cover the sunshine, and meanwhile, realize the projection of text onto the ground in virtue of the sunshine, so as to add the layers of details. In the exit area of the exhibition hall, Ubox’s partners exhibition area is set. The LOGOs of cooperative brands are printed by means of screen printing on frosted acrylic plate, and they are luminous and transparent, concise and clear, and convenient to replace.

As a centralized and high-efficiency office area, F5 is distributed with a large number of open office areas and equipped with leisure and tea area, open negotiation area, mother-infant room, etc. The leisure and tea area makes use of the vaulted space of atrium,the corridor facing side is completely open, and enclosed into a semi-open space. The internal-side whole wall is printed with a huge map and territory drawing of the ancient navigation route, tallying with the historic gray tone of the space, and the navigation theme. 

15F is the office floor for the IT research and development team of Ubox. On this floor, multiple creative office areas and leisure sharing areas are planned, aiming to achieve maximum promotion for employees’ communication, so as to spark their creativities. 

The outdoor terrace which originally exists and is available on F16 is properly reconstructed upon the demand of Ubox, the projection wall, landscape lighting, and acoustic system are added. After the reconstruction, the terrace may be used for the activities such as open-air cinema, small-scale concert, open-air barbecue, salon for drinking party, etc., extremely expanding the multi-function service demand of the new office of Ubox. 

The overall design of environmental vision and way-finding plays an important role in this case. With the sailing of sailboat as the thematic element, the design systematically combs through the visual units such as way-finding, film-sticking, exhibition hall, and decorative background, etc. The rich and colorful environmental vision design plays the role of making the finishing point in different spaces of the office.