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    Shipyard 1862 Art Center,No.1777 BinJiang Road,PuDong District,Shanghai

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    Interior Design & Construction

Project Facts

The project is located in the Shipyard 1862 Art Center, it is a cultural and commercial complex with preservation of industrial building which is renovated by the Japanese famous Architect, Kengo Kuma. The original building is a shipbuilding plant with 150 years history, the designers have made the biggest use of the original structure, eliminate the boundary between architecture and environment, continue its spatial and texture. The tortuous chimneys, geometric supports, rusty iron pipes and weathered concrete columns are all preserved intact.

HARMONY BEEF 1881 is located on the first floor,on the plane layout, it is the Huangpu River to the north, the Civic Square to the west, Entrance to the east, a perfect place integrated view,catering and traffic evacuation. 

The designers seek the inspiration from the building , respect and continue its history, did not deliberately decorate the exposed structure. In the design, the rough and original interior finish forms a contrast with the delicate furnishing. They lay out different functional areas according to the existing conditions and commands, they set up outside area on the north and west side, create an interactive atmosphere with surrounding environment during the meal, meanwhile a bar area,dining area,VIP private room are set up to meet diversity commands.

The main entrance is the first impression area, the ground adopts the design of terrazzo inlaid with copper strips and the horizontal and vertical copper strips are embedded,which increases the ground composition relationship, enrich the ground shape, meanwhile the bronze logo once again emphasizes the brand. The number 1881 is carved with the same old iron plate materials as the building site,and inlaid it on the grid of the ceiling, one way it highlight the brand,and at the same time, it expresses our respect for architectural and history.

There are all kinds of red wines in the ten meters long bar area, which will be the paradise of wine lovers. The gray metal plate shape over the bar well emphasizes the sense of field in the bar area and gives customers humanized safety care. The designers design a row of hanging decorative small spotlights over the bar to create a soft light atmosphere. In this light projection, the marble, metal mosaic, terrazzo,gray metal plate are low-key atmosphere without losing quality.

In the fast-paced urban life, lowing down and eating a meal full of rituals is the respect and reward of young people for themselves. Therefore, we have specially design a leisure and romantic area. Lighting is the key point and important element of create romance and warmth.We specially choose 3000K low color temperature and low illuminance lights, glass decorative lights to cast soft light, giving people a relaxed and pleasant feeling.

VIP dinning room adopts softer lighting, dark tie tablecloth to increase the private and comfortable dining atmosphere. The grid rises from the ground and links with the ceiling to make a virtual division. The table and chairs are divided and combined freely according to the needs.

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