vivo Beijing R & D Center

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    IT Industrial Park of Electronic City, NO. 10 Jiuxianqiao North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

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    Interior Design

Project Facts

vivo Beijing R & D Center is located in the IT Industrial Park of Electronic City, NO. 10 Jiuxianqiao North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. It is adjacent to Jiangfu Park in the east and 798 Art District in the west. The whole building has seven floors above the ground, with a total construction area of 17,000 square meters.Different from the headquarters building with cold industrial style, the interior color of vivo Beijing R & D Center is more active and highlights the sense of design.

In the original structure of the building, the first floor lobby is located in the central position of the whole building, facing the main road of the park. The two floors are elevated. The second floor is connected from east to west by a horizontal pontoon bridge, so the lighting is sufficient. Therefore, the designer sets it as the main entrance. In order to increase the sense of ceremony and enhance the visibility, the designer embeds a square box protruding from the facade of the building on the basis of the original porch entrance, which is made of galvanized sheet and glass materials. The newly built body looks light and transparent, and has a sense of future technology, fostering the entrance guiding vision and identifiability!  

The lobby, as an overall open and image display space, is equipped with open functional spaces for coffee, tea, exhibition, negotiation, conference, etc., and with visual communication images and designs, which are implanted with vivo brand spirit.

As a conference area open to the public, meeting rooms and training rooms with different specifications are arranged on the second floor to meet the different needs of vivo. Meanwhile, corresponding areas for leisure, negotiation and tea are provided to increase communication and exchange and stimulate innovation.Different from other office buildings which have their canteens arranged on the ground floor, vivo uses the third floor as its service area, where there is a gym and a canteen, convenient to manage and less affecting other office floors. The door to the canteen is made of painted frosted mirror. The interior places for waiting, food-taking, dining, and dish-collecting are clearly marked by laying different brick patterns on the ground and setting tables and chairs in different ways to maintain the order of space and create a relaxing, comfortable and clean dining environment.

vivo advocates a healthy lifestyle. The concepts of diet, exercise and green environmental protection are integrated into the design of this case to lead the employees to healthy habits and behaviors.

In the middle of the building 4-6 floors, is a half outdoor pontoon bridge space. Through moderate structural transformation, three stacked air flower houses were built, and each greenhouse was equipped with outdoor terrace as space extension. The matrix type wooden ceiling extends to the side wall and falls to the ground. The ground is paved with anti-corrosion wood strips. The whole space is equipped with green plants to create a relaxing and ecological indoor and outdoor resting space. At the same time, it can also be used as a multi-functional space for discussion and small-scale activities.

Designers make full use of natural light and ventilation to create a comfortable, flexible, efficient and interactive internal space atmosphere. The 4-7 floors are used as open offices, whose windows can enjoy good natural lighting. The meeting room is arranged in the middle area with weak lighting conditions, and the two sides of the elevator hall are respectively connected with the leisure tea area and the glass flower house made from the pontoon corridor.

Through the abstract environmental graphic design integrated with the vivo’s elements and spirit, the cultural, artistic, ecological and placing atmosphere of the space is constructed, and at the same time, presented are the sense of modernity and technology.