Baiyun Lake Sales Center and Villa

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    Baiyun Lake Scenic Spot, BiShan District, Chong Qing

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    Interior Design

Project Facts

Baiyun Lake ecological villa is located in BiShan District, ChongQing, with the area of 866671㎡(1300Mu). It is in between the Baiyun Lake and JinYun Mountain and has a good natural landscape.

It’s our honor to undertake the design task of the sales center and two villas. In the early stage of design, we went to Baiyun Lake many times to survey the site, analyze the building structure, sort out the surrounding landscape resources, and strive to create an ecological and spectacular sightseeing villa area.

Sales Center

As the villa entrance, the Sales Center is located at the intersection of road traffic and the Lake, connecting the inside and outside. We set three levels of space in the central area according to the dynamic line of customer tour experience, including entrance hall, central sand table and landscape negotiation area. The water bar negotiation area, VIP reception room, video and audio room, Children’s activity area and other supporting functional spaces are arranged on both sides to create rich site experience.

We analysis the customer’s first experience sequence deeply to do the Interior layout, from arriving, entering the room, taking the landscape ladder to the wharf cruise and leaving, we hope it is a progressive process of emotion and experience. The space is carefully arranged and magnificent, highlighting the sense of ritual and dignity with axis symmetry.

Shuangpin Villa

The whole space is integrated into the Oriental aesthetic system, with the intention of creating a living space of natural appearance, modern style and Chinese soul. We hope to express the most information with few elements, with profound cultural connotation, the Chinese literati’s feelings for natural set off the elegant and leisure, implicit and refine situation.

The building used to be a four story villa. Due to its unique terrain conditions and underground space height advantages, the designer boldly add an interlayer to the underground space under the premise of ensuring the rational use of the indoor functional space, so as to make the building become a double first floor apartment with “first three and fiver after”, and try to expand or add the window opening size as much as possible, so as to maximize the landscape into the indoor living space.

After the structural alterations, the basement one and two floors are planned to be the reception and entertainment space. The basement one has the best landscape sight and the most abundant resources. The master enters the house from the first floor of the front courtyard . The first floor is planned for family dining and living space. In the private space for the elderly and children on the second floor, bedclothes, wall finishes and ornaments are selected with elements of landscape, flowers and birds to create a strong Chinese style.


When getting the original plane of townhouse, the most difficult thing is the porch. As a buffer space, the porch really represents the ritual sense of the Oriental residence. After several repetitions, we upgraded the entrance position of the front yard to the side yard, and added “window type porch” so that can enjoy the landscape garden.

Then, changing the stair position. We rationalize this component of vertical traffic and then adjust the small segmented window on the south into a large French window. When the porch is released, the stairs merge into the side of the living room. The side of the space facing the garden is connected into a 270° circular curtain. The viewing surface radiates the main social life places in the living room, dining room, kitchen and so on.

Secondly, the location of kitchen and the elderly room on the north side of will be changed. After the replacement, the kitchen function will be expanded and functionalized into Chinses and western kitchen and dining room, forming an axis alignment and closely linked with the living room, leading to the negative floor, which is a space for family film watching and entertainment space.

The second floor is the children’s activity area and bedroom. Children are naturally curious and sensitive to everything. Therefore, we specially plan a children’s activity area to connect the bedroom and outdoor terrace, and design elements such as astronomy, telescope and climbing on the lighting and wall surface to stimulate children’s desire for exploration and knowledge.The third floor is the master’s bedroom and study area. The designers make full use of the surrounding landscape to maximize the window into the nature.