The Changhewan Reception Center

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    Haidian District, Beijing

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    Interior Design & Construction

Project Facts

The Changhewan Reception Center is located in Haidian District, Beijing. The original building has two floors with inverted trapezoidal cross section. The first floor is next to the entrance to the parking garage in the community, and only has square inch space. The second floor are low in height and poor in lighting conditions. In the space and site conditions, how to create a quiet and comfortable reception center and office space, IDEAL puts forward the following key Reconstruction strategies:

1. A small scene is set at the entrance to the project to improve the recognition;

2. In the corridor on the second floor, continuous blank windows are set along the inner side of the windows to improve the lighting conditions and buffer low height of the space;

3. Set up three lines of traffic flows, reshape the spatial relationship, meet the requirement of office, reception, leisure and entertainment, each functional area does not interfere with each other.

The project is completed in the way of EPC. D EPC can be based on the actual situation of the site construction, targeted to design, more scientific and advanced to deal with various situations, and achieve high degree of completion of the transformation results. Finally, in just over two months, the Changhewan Reception Center has been transformed into a brand-new look.

The entrance gate of the reception center uses the wooden door framed with the same color as the external wall, and sets a landscape. Through the "gateway" to the front hall, scenes are suddenly appeared in the light. A landscape is built in the leisure waiting area, and guests can walk up the stairs to the functional area on the second floor.

According to the functional requirements of the owner receiving visitors, the designer skillfully designed three lines of traffic flow, which respectively point of two visitor receptions and office space, so that visitors and staff do not affect each other.

The first traffic flow, based on the traditional Chinese screen wall, is to set up a hollowed out "Steam Moon Pavilion" in the main corridor to increase the spatial sequence nodes, so as to avoid a panoramic view of the place. At the same time, the Steam Moon Pavilion is also a place for rest and negotiation.

The original building has low floors, poor lighting conditions and high distance from the windowsill along the street to the ground. In order to buffer the cramped feeling of the space, we make continuous blank windows and inlay wood grille on the inside to make the space bright and full of rhythm.

The second traffic flow is the area of guest leisure entertainment and tea room for negotiation. The area is located near the traffic core, with convenient access, simple Chinese style, quiet and comfortable space.

The third traffic flow points to the office space area. Meeting room, tea room and open office space, compact layout, separated from the visitor reception area, to avoid mutual interference.

In the project, the designer discussed more possibilities of material expression of space. The ground and wall uses a lot of organic stone, natural texture, create a quiet space atmosphere.

On the glass of the window, the inlaid thin and narrow wooden grids with unequal distance have a sense of rhythm, which makes the space full of vitality and fluidity. Part of the space use wired glass, so that it has a certain permeability and bring a strong sense of visual extension.

Within the limited time and budget, IDEAL reconstructs a private and warm high-quality space for customers. After the completion of the transformation, the Changhewan Reception Center pleasantly surprised its elegance and delicacy. It once again confirms the rationality of using EPC, which virtually turns the inferior into the superior, and ‘steam moon’ are suitable for both dynamic and static.