Tencent Makerspace(Nanjing)

  • Location

    Zidong International Park,Qixia district,Nanjing

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  • Service

    Interior Design

Project Facts

The design concept of B6 building is based on origami and flying. In the interior space of the building, the brand new skin shape language is used to present the “transparent and light” attributes in a scrolling form and dynamically extend in the space. The new texture is in the form of “dotted line” and is presented in the form of physical space. The smart spatial layout reveals an open platform that carries the entrepreneur's dream and accelerates sailing.

The design of the B5 building uses two concept elements: one is the “tech cloud” that is extended by the concepts of “cloud” and “modern city”. Extract the shape of the cloud and the city in the shape, and then combine the specific practical functions to create a streamlined shape. This kind of form is used in the exhibition area, which is a good interpretation of the combination of technology and art. The other is the "space shell" which is a combination of "rock cave" and "natural water grain". The shape combines the hollow of the rock cave with the twists and turns of the water to create a coherent shell shape that is used in the space to form a new space.

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