Tencent Makerspace(Tianjin)

  • Location

    Chuangyi Building,Yujiapu,Tianjin

  • Project Area


  • Completion Date


  • Service

    Interior EPC

Project Facts

The layout of Tencent Makerspace is biased towards business style, providing the entrepreneurial team with a more quality indoor environment. A layer of public space is inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Sky. The linear shape is used to organize circular spaces of different sizes, and at the same time create a unique spatial experience between the circular interior and the circle, and the free form of "Starry Sky" reflects the entrepreneur's romantic temperament.

Wood, cement board and texture paint are materials that reflect nature and original ecology. Incorporating nature's materials into the space, the original tight and arduous entrepreneurial environment is warm and comfortable. The program breaks Tencent's consistent style, allowing regional culture to run through the entire design, making it collide with technology to create a business space with stories and dreams.

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