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    Zone B1,Santai Magic Cube Creative Park,Shuxi Road 42#,JinNiu District,ChengDu,SiChuan Province

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    Interior Design

Project Facts

JUHENG LAW FIRM OFFICE building is a very special "dream factory of law". Not confined to tradition, it extends the innovation of law to many fields including science and technology, books, exhibitions, coffee socialization, training and office, etc. It’s a dream space and spiritual home of legal professionals. The compound functions propose higher standards and request for the construction of its overall space.

The whole building is 7 floors in all. The main entrance is right to the road of the park and roadside parking lots. The 3rd floor of the original building contains an outdoor terrace, and the roof floor can be used. The most characteristic is a 3-colume-spacing patio on the 7th floor.

This "dream factory of law", which represents innovation and future, proposes higher requests and standards for the design and construction of the overall space. Taking into consideration the current conditions and functional requirements of the building, the design proposes a list of key points for the space transformation:

1. Transform some parking lots into a law theme cultural square at the main entrance;

2. Rebuild the main entrance gate in combination with the law firm’s logo;

3. Build a staircase from the outdoor terrace at the 3rd floor to the 4th floor and an outdoor cafe on the terrace;

4. Brake through some floors of the 5th, 6th and 7th floor indoor and build inner elevator to enhance internal transport;

5. Close part of the patio space on the 7th floor in a reasonable and creative way. The enclosed part will be transformed into indoor space, that is to say, the original patio will be decomposed into indoor space and terrace;

6. Maximize the utilization of the roof terrace, and build fitness center, mini golf and party garden, etc. for extended functions on the roof.

The whole building adopts many legal formats such as Tianping Ruoshui Bookstore and iCourt in an open way, with space for Family culture and leisure area, legal science and technology center, “the Belt and Road” foreign-related functional area, partner and lawyer office, coffee socialization, TED speech and training area, and roof garden, to build a dynamic office space of "scene, interaction and openness".

Some parking lots are transformed into a law theme scenic square at the main entrance, with a flag-raising platform, two large legal cultural and artistic walls, water curtain walls and other landscapes. The rusted steel plates are combined in Chinese characters of "law" in different handwriting styles, presenting the process of the legal spirit from history to civilization. The setting of this mini theme scenic square has become the foundation and origin of the whole law building, as well as an opposite scenery and buffer in front of the building.

The first floor remains most original situations of the lobby, supplemented by some functional areas such as a big screen, display wall and Legal Joy Coffee. “Legal Joy Coffee” is a legal culture theme café, providing a relaxing and intimate cultural experience and communication place for legal professional communities or legal culture amateurs, and building a diverse information exchange platform.

The entrance at the 3rd floor is a huge curved exhibition wall, with a projection screen in the central part, for adjustable visual exhibitions on various themes. It connects the Tianping Ruoshui Bookstore Area and the conference area in two sides. It’s the most fashionable high-end legal culture theme bookstore in Western China. The circular sharing desk in the center and adjustable leisure areas make it more than a bookstore, but also a place for book appreciation, new book release & signing, and reading sharing, etc.

A café and a stairway connecting to the 4th floor are built on the outdoor terrace at the 3rd floor, so the 3rd floor and 4th floor are connected from the outside. The café terrace perfectly carries the customer flow for training, reading, sharing and other activities on the two floors in a comfortable atmosphere.

The designer avoids the limitation of the column spacing on the 4th floor and includes a structural column in it to build a delicate, completely dark, enclosed, and circular professional lecture hall for sharing, movies, team training and other activities. The layering stepped ring-seat design can hold 80-100 people and provide the best sharing experience in close contact. The wooden-surface curved wall in the outside area of the TED lecture hall displays the 40-year development process of Chinese lawyers. The natural and smooth form makes the whole space more extensive and artistic.

The entrance to elevator hall on the 5th floor is spacious. “JH Family” made of wooden bars on the perforated PVC painted background reminds us it’s the cultural leisure area. The spaces for children's reading, business negotiation, leisure booth and fun stairs are freely expressed by curved lines and polygons, forming flexible and adjustable multi-functional spaces.

We make a "good" use of the 3-colume-spacing patio on the 7th floor. Glass walls are used in the central part of the patio to enclose a square and bright main reception hall of JUHENG Law Firm. The rest two patios are vertically and horizontally inserted into two modeling BOX blocks as VIP conference rooms, both of which are layering including indoor and outdoor spaces, interpreting the connective and excessive relationship between indoor and outdoor space. Of course, we still retain the "C"-shaped terrace space of the patio, and decorate it with natural elements such as climbing plants and water platforms. One can feel the natural and ecological green elements from the reception hall in the glass room without any barrier.

The transformation method of the patio area vividly presents corresponding relationships such as mutual blending of indoor and outdoor space, and the possession and reservation of space. It’s a diversified space for employee gatherings, rest, work, conference, communication and brainstorming. The modular furniture combination livens up the entire space composition. Different from the stereotyped open office, the designer designs office environment suitable for different scenarios aiming at the functional attributes and personnel characteristics of different office areas.

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