Headquarters of Cheetah Mobile

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    Yaojiayuan South Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing.

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    Interior EPC

Project Facts

The original building is a multi-storey office building with three rectangular courtyards. Designers of Ideal boldly integrated the two original yards,and changed it into a three-storey atrium filled with sunshine.The headquarters building integrates a variety of business functions and themes.The design fully demonstrates the creative vitality and character traits of contemporary Internet companies, and explores the spatial creative mode of the new internet enterprises for the future development.

After the transformation, the building main entrance was set in the middle of the south side of the building,which is relative to the park gate across the open lawn.Walking into the lobby, the space stretches horizontally.The right side of the backdrop was set up with a huge electronic screen,and an open small-scale corporate image store was planned beside it. At the end of the left space of the entrance,We  designed an open cafe that is visually attached to the external landscape. Here the staff can enjoy the scenery outside the window while they are resting and reading,or enjoy the coffee while they are meeting friends.

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