Beijing 2020

vivo Beijing R & D Center


vivo Beijing R & D Center is located in the IT Industrial Park of Electronic City, NO. 10 Jiuxianqiao North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. It is adjacent to Jiangfu Park in the east and 798 Art District in the west. The whole building has seven floors above the ground, with a total construction area of 17,000 square meters.Different from the headquarters building with cold industrial style, the interior color of vivo Beijing R & D Center is more active and highlights the sense of design.

Beijing 2018

DayOne Legal&Technology Building


DayOne Building has five levels, the first level is small and expands upward.In terms of functions, iCourt employees office mainly concentrates on the top floor office.

Shanghai 2018

China Health Investment Leasing Office(Shanghai)


Combining with the characteristics of CIVIC and the trend of modern office, we choose simplicity, nature, science and technology as the theme.

Zhuhai 2017

Kingsoft Software Park


The site of the new park is fan-shaped. The buildings No.1-5 used for R&D and office work are arranged on the outer edge of the fan-shaped outer surface in order.

Beijing 2017

UCAR New Headquarters


In general, UCAR’s new headquarters is comparable to a compressively scaled city, every employee can be regarded as a citizen.

  • Beijing(HQ)

    Ideal commercial building,Xinhua1949 cultural innovation park No.4,Chegongzhuang street, Xicheng district.

    +86 10 52980101

  • Shanghai

    Room 207, Building 2, Zhenda Raod No.520, Baoshan District.


  • Shenzhen

    Room 102-3 , Keji Building Ⅱ-A, Nanhai Road No.1057, Nanshan District.

    +86 755 88277001

  • Chengdu

    Room 2406, Building 3, Xiangnian Square, Tianfusan Street, Gaoxin District.

    +86 28 87359580


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